The COLLEGE GAME REPORT is a personalized 30+ page report, customized for each individual. Each College Game Report provides KEY FACTS, CLEAR GUIDELINES & SIMPLE MATH on the colleges that match your personalized college criteria. The College Game Report is designed to make you smarter and more efficient with your time. In each report, we ask you to "Live From The End" and to envision what your financial outlook will be on graduation day. We help you look into your future to see your potential financial responsibility so that you can understand the magnitude of this decision and make a more educated choice.                                                                          

The College Game Report has 2 CORE sections: 


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Colleges & Statistics:
Each individual is required to fill out a pre-selected college profile criteria sheet. This criterion includes but is not limited to the following: preferred college major, geographic location, enrollment size, academics/test scores, sport, division etc. Each criteria has different categories, choices and sub-sections, all of which aim to give you the best selection of colleges.

Using this data, our college search experts create a customized database of 50 colleges that match your criteria. We list all of your colleges and their key statistics in a customized database. This personalized database includes all of the data from your college criteria, along with other data including: Avg. SAT, Avg. ACT, Tuition, Room & Board as well as pertinent contact information.

And, it doesn’t stop there. Our college experts use your 50 school database to then rank, order and organize each college’s information and statistics to make it easier to use and easier to understand. We believe that if you can see your options clearly, then you will make a more educated and informed decision.

Financial Outlook:
The College Game Report is more than just a database of colleges. We pride ourselves on the work and the analysis that we perform on your 50 colleges, especially as it relates to your potential financial outlook. The Financial Outlook section introduces simple formulas, mathematical concepts and basic financial principals to help each family make a solid college choice.

Real Family Contribution (RFC): 
This financial concept helps you think differently about the REAL COST of attending college. Unlike your Expected Family Contribution, a concept employed by the federal government, your RFC ignores the concept of borrowing and shows you how much you ACTUALLY OWE. Whether you for college with your own money pay or borrow to pay it off tomorrow, YOU OWE IT. It is simply just a matter of timing. See the equation below: 

Total 4 Year Cost – Total 4 Year Scholarship = Your REAL Family Contribution 

We use this RFC formula and apply it to each of your 50 colleges. For student athletes, we apply an average % scholarship, based on your preferred sport and apply it to your colleges. This helps you understand the magnitude of receiving a scholarship at each college and encourages you to think differently about the REAL COST of a college education.

Live From The End & Your Post Graduate Ratio: 
"Live From The End:" 
This is a simple exercise to prevent you from borrowing too much for college. It asks you to use your imagination & envision what your financial outlook could be on graduation day. Ultimately, this is the REASON for The College Game Report. We believe that if you can see your future financial responsibility, you will understand the magnitude of this decision and make a more educated choice.

Your Post Graduate 1:1 Ratio:
"Live From The End" uses a simple financial concept called Your Post-Graduate 1:1 Ratio. 

According to this ratio, Your Total 4 Year Student Loans Should NOT Exceed Your Child's First Year Salary After College. 

See the Post-Grad formulaMaximum 4 Year Student Debt ÷ First Year Post-Grad Salary = 1:1

In this section, we research and project your first year post-grad salary expectations (based on your preferred college major). We then compare your child's potential salary to other major options. In addition, we use simple math to show you what your student debt really means and what your potential debt payments could be upon graduation. 

Simply stated, this section aims to help you see what your decision could mean and encourages you and your child to make an educated and well-informed decision. 


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