​​​​Welcome to The College Program
I know your kids appreciate you even if they don't say so.
As a former Stanford student-athlete (’05), I fully understand the effort my mom and dad made in helping me make the right college choice. 
For the student athlete, you have been supporting them since they started competing.
The student and student athlete that is serious about college really needs your help during these years of development.
I see the normal high school and social stress everyday working with these students.
Add the college process on top of the high school pressure and this can be too much to handle.  
We want to make this process easier for families and we also want them to think about college differently
and to think about what it means later in their lives.

James Twellman   Co-Director of The College Program

" Our son was a sophomore and we needed assistance with his college search.  The College Program and My College Game Report was the perfect introduction to colleges we didn't even know existed. We would not have been able to navigate the college process without the advise of The College Program. 

My College Game Report and the information that it provides is

"a must have" for any student and their family." 

Bryan….father of AJ 2016